Abundance NOT Scarcity

Imagine working in an environment where, instead of agents operating out of scarcity & fear, doing whatever they can to make sure you don’t steal their business; you’re surrounded by generous & successful friends who work out of a heart of abundance – who are genuinely glad to share with you their current and past successes, simply because they want you to succeed as well!

Realty Executives Cooper SpransyWe realize it may sound like a lot of fluff, but it’s not!  It’s one of the main reasons why Realty Executives Cooper Spransy was awarded 2 International awards in 2016, for how fast we grew and for stability & retention. And locally, we were also honored to be rated “Best Place to Work in Madison in 2016

Servant-Style Leadership

Someone smart once said (let’s say Lincoln or Mark Twain, we’re not sure) that an organization’s greatest asset is their workforce.  And when they are well taken care of, they will excel at taking care of the clients. The focus for the leadership is to serve our employees and agents out of a heart of abundance, to promote generosity & healthy competition, by learning from one another and challenging each other to push the limits of what is expected, so that the client’s experience can be extra-ordinary.  

NOT Just Focused on Your Real Estate SuccessJennifer Briggs Andrew Gennin

First off, our focus is NOT just to support you in your pursuit to become a successful agent. Lots of companies do that. We believe that you are much more than just about real estate, and that the reason why you are in business is more than just to make a buck.  

(Sidenote: If your sole purpose of being real estate is transaction and money focused, we may not be a good fit… just a fair warning.)

Dan Spransy Ariel GuentherOur job is to make sure that you feel empowered as a person, within the context of real estate, but as well, so that you can have a healthy work/life balance (yes, it’s possible).  So we provide coaching that is personalized and compatible with your time. This on-demand coaching includes:

  • The University of Cooper Spransy – an on-demand program where you’ll learn more about the culture of RECS and how to use the different tools and systems that we offer our agents.
  • RoundBox Coaching – is a 6-week course where we will help you develop a clear and consistent business plan.  
  • “Peer-to-Pro” – an in-the-field mentorship program with an Executive at our firm.


Our Style of CoachingEP7A6276

Whether you’re brand-new or a real estate veteran, two main keys every agent needs to apply to achieve long-lasting success, is simply Clarity & Consistency.  Because all to often an agent will try something, and then they will jump to something else and not play the long game with their task. This is a losing battle, and one of ways that lead to burn out.  So together, we will help you design your plan and then help you stay consistent with your plan.

Becoming a Master Negotiator

One of the best ways to become successful in real estate is to understand the power and the limitations of the legal documents you use in real estate transactions. Sadly though, some of the most experienced agents are unaware of the common misconceptions around these documents.

That’s why we provided two courses called “Mastering the Offer to Purchase” and “Master the Inspection Contingency,” taught by our very own Chief Operating Officer, Matt Doyle.

Complete TransparencyChris Sorenson Dan Spransy

Here at Realty Executives Cooper Spransy, you can ask any Executive anything; from the best lead generation service to document sharing to professional tips, we’re no holds barred kind of people.